Innovative Features for Online Exams

Easy To Author Questions

Manage you question bank with minimal efforts. Rich UI to handle you varities of question syntax.

Multi Language Support

Class Matrix online exam platform supports multi language for questions, options and solutions.

Maths & Science Support

Provides you a library to create Maths/Science formulas. Capability to include diagrams & charts.

Mobile Application

Enables your institute to host online exams on Mobile with class matrix mobile app.

Data & Time Tracking

Tracks student data including attempts, correct, incorrect and amount of time spent on question.

New JEE Pattern

Allowed you to set paper pattern and automated logic for calculation. Include New JEE Marking Schemes

Question Randomizer

Automated random order arangement of Questions and Options for every individual.

Automated Notification

Automated notification services to notify parents with student score on exam complition.

Navigatio In Exam

Easy Navigation scheme to navigate and highlight important question to revisit later.

Performance Analysis Reports

Sophisticated performace report for individual student to identify week performing topics/chapters.

Time Analysis Reports

Class Matrix tracks time spent on each question and summarize in to time management report.

Export Functionality

Export functionality to download all you acadamics data in to excel with subject/exam level breakdown.

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